• IBA Independence day main event 2012

    the IBA's main event on Israels independence day
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    Late night talk show on  Israels channel 1
  • IBA Independence day main event 2011

  • Dot IL

    day time show about Jewish  current events from around the globe

Alice Communications

Alice communications is a media production company that was established over a decade ago. In this time the company worked within all the fields of Israels entertainment and media industry including television, printed journalism, radio, internet and academic teachings.

Since Alice communications was established it was headed by its founder Jacob (Kobi) Sitt, an alumni of the Bar Ilan university faculty of law and the prestigious Recanati Business School (EMBA)


Our clients

over the past decades Alice communications  has offered its services  to companies such as BUG Multisystem, Bezeq, The Jewish Agency, The World Zionist Organization, Tapuz, the IBA's channel one and the education channel, the Israeli experience project, Israels channel 10 and channel 2 (Reshet and Telad), the "Omanut La'am" association, the Israeli Artists association, Ga'on production company, the municipalities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva, Haifa, Rishon Lezion, Migdal Ha'emek, Ashkelon and more.

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